Cat5/6 lan cable injection machine

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Cat5/6 lan cable injection machine

Product Abstract:

Injection machine/extruding for cat5/cat6 network cables, power cable plug and so on.

Product Description
Conventional machine configuration:
1. Mechanical parts processing completely independent from the company, you can maximize the control precision machine  
dimensions: the unique design of the fuel tank as much as possible to avoid the occurrence of leakage.
2、Japan NOK brand seals.
3、Melt motor using Eaton cooperation Hercules plant.
4、Yuken Series pump uses a quantitative pump.
5、Motor uses special injection molding machine motor "Dongguan motor" or Taiwan's "Harmony" motor.
6、Feed tube with the famous brand "UOL" or "China Day" feeding tube.
7、Circuit boards used in Taiwan, "Jin Yi."            
8、Warranty one year            
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